Who is lisa lampanelli dating

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli is heading to the City of Brotherly Love—well, the ’burbs at least—with a Trump-infused show and her signature pearl-clutching comedy.

The self-proclaimed “Queen of Mean” has been busy producing and starring in her off-Broadway stage show, “Stuffed,” and in production of her fifth stand-up special, “Back to the Drawing Board,” which garnered her a Grammy-nod for Best Comedy Album. I’ve been to Philly a lot and I’ve played the Borgata in Atlantic City. Every time I tell people I’m going there, if it’s a woman they’re all envious that I’m going to be near a big mall. All the straight guys are all like, “Yeah it’s right near Philly.” I guess there’s something for everyone down there. You’re touring during an interesting time, in the aftermath of the inauguration.

So to me, my job’s gotten easier because I just put myself out there and you don’t feel like you’re hiding anything. I’ve always taken a cue from him as somebody who I could really emulate because he had the guts to do it too. Well, you know with the roasts that I do and the audience, yeah. I’ve always thought it was a badge of honor, because I don’t know a lot of comics who can sort of get away with what I do without losing their following. But most people who come to my show or a Rickles or Jeff Ross show, know what to expect so you kind of know that’s part of the fun.

I’m always proud of what I’ve done and what I continue to do. And I love doing it, because I make fun of myself, I make fun of them, so we’re all kind of equal.

"He would be around a lot of good-looking chicks and never look at another girl, never say anything dirty." Though their marriage is coming to an end, the pair intends to stay close.

lost a whopping 107 pounds in 2012 after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, and three years later, Lampanelli has kept it all off.

Well, I would say a good 50 percent of my act right now revolves around Trump because of my experience on the “Apprentice,” and because of my experience roasting him twice. I more make fun of his policies—and obviously his looks, because that’s pretty horrendous.

I still bring the insecurity of the 16-year-old fat Lisa to the situation. Oh, once I helped a girl break up with her abusive boyfriend on the phone. Me talking about my divorce helped her get some courage, even though my ex-husband wasn’t a bad gay. So I think I’ll get down to the business of getting one done soon. I would never have guessed it would come to this now. I do a big roast of Trump during my set now—which I clearly expanded on—because there’s so much to make fun of him about now. Lately you’ve been bringing more of your personal life into your work—discussing your weight loss and divorce.I hope that’s my warmup if I get asked to do the White House Correspondents Dinner. Has that been hard for you or do you find it cathartic?I say I’m going to take advantage of these four years to sneak in all the democrats and gays that I can. Do you feel like it’s an important time to be a comedian, given the current state of things? I make fun of everybody and everything, and Trump happens to be a great subject right now on every front.Are there any interesting stories you would be willing to share about him? We sign a non-disclosure agreement when we do things like the “Apprentice.” But c’mon. I’m not a political comic at all, so it would be weird if I just turned into a preachy, sort-of political commentator.

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