Scripture dating unbeliever

In Nehemiah’s day when many Jews were marrying foreigners who did not worship Jehovah, Nehemiah referred to the bad example of Solomon. She ended up leaving the truth and converting to another religion in order to get married. But two weeks after their wedding, her husband forbade her to attend Christian meetings. Yet, even if you did not suffer those consequences for marrying an unbeliever, how would your relationship with your loving heavenly Father be affected?

How would you feel knowing that you had not listened to the counsel that he provided for your good? Brothers and sisters around the world can testify to the fact that marrying “only in the Lord” is the best policy.

In some lands, a complicating factor is that unbelieving parents may demand an elaborate dowry, making it difficult for brothers of modest means to get married. -26) So for the good of his servants, God has directed us to marry only true worshippers. By thus submitting themselves to him as Ruler, they recognize him as the Universal Sovereign.—Prov. You surely want to avoid becoming “unevenly yoked” with someone who could take you away from God. ) Many Christians today have obeyed God’s time-proven protective directive and have come to realize that they have taken the wise course. * a sister in Australia, explains what happened when she began dating an unbeliever: “I missed a lot of meetings just to be with him.

Considering such obstacles, a sister may feel that the possibility of finding a mate “in the Lord” is slim. My spirituality dropped drastically.” Ratana in India became romantically involved with a classmate who started to study the Bible.

So she might ask, “Is it realistic to think that I can find a suitable mate among fellow Christians? Not only does he want to safeguard his servants from the pain resulting from pursuing an unwise course but he also wants them to be happy. However, in time he showed that his motive was to start a romance with her. Her fiancé promised her that she would be free to practice her religion. I felt constant remorse.” Of course, not all unbelieving mates turn out to be cruel and unreasonable.

Said another way, the believer won't steer the unbeliever into godliness; the unbeliever will steer the believer away from obedience.

This is why Paul quotes in 2Cor -17 from the Law in reminding the church that the Lord ordered believers to separate themselves from committed associations with unbelievers to avoid their negative influences.

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