Online dating conferences

Not only can you create meetings yourself and participate from any device, but you can create and edit them together with participants.

It’s also a great place to edit documents together with a group and anyone can mail-in notes and other materials via email.

“Yugma Free gives you free web conferencing with up to 2 attendees [and 1 hour meeting limitations].” It also comes with audio conferencing, public and private chat, Skype integration, annotations and whiteboarding tools, quick polls, and much more.

Pricing: P2 – .50/year; P20 – .95/month or .50/year; P50 – .95/month or 9.50/year; P100 – .95/month or 9.50/year; P500 – 9.95/month or 99.50/year.

alternative to Meeting Burner and is used for meetings (in HD) and web conferences.

Note: For some of Yugma’s services you will need to install their software.

Web Ex is an excellent service that gives you unlimited online meetings.

With this you get high-quality videos, phone conferencing, and mobile access (including the i Pad), so that you can host and attend meetings while on-the-go.

You can have up to 25 people in a meeting and see up to 6 webcams on screen at a time.

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