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First, although one state’s law may sometimes be influential as another state is considering its lawmaking options, state law is only formally applicable in the state at issue.

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Where it exists, this exception is either statutory and thus most generally applicable or common-law based and thus applicable only on analogous facts.

To the extent that there is confusion about the nature and extent of the mature minor exception, it appears to be related to a few fundamental mistakes about the law.

It is thus useful as a threshold matter to make clear the following.

Not only are their medical needs unique to their stages of rapid physical development, but their evolving neuropsychological maturity also poses a moving target for evaluation of their ability to engage in, and supervise, their own health care.

One especially vexing problem in these circumstances is establishing if and when adolescents acquire the legal capacity to consent or not to diagnostics and treatment in general medical settings; this problem is particularly knotty where the law appears to be inconsistent with established ethical norms.

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