Funbox dating

Please receive one funbox, and feel free to use us again if you like it.We are extremely sorry that you did not like the taste of the products we carefully selected for your funbox.

Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and International buyers pay a flat shipping cost or email us for a shipping quote.. Complete boards are made to order so please be patient.Our candy box contain a variety of products made with a wide range of ingredients. We would be extremely glad for you to use Japan funbox for promotional purposes.We do not wish for you to place an order that will cause you medical problems. Although we are happy to accept promotional reviews for Japan funbox, we kindly ask that meet some of our requirements: Please send us an e-mail if you wish to receive a funbox in order to share information about it with the rest of the world.One important point to note is that although you will not be billed from the next billing date after your subscription cancellation date, you will not be able to cancel any orders that have already completed.In other words, no completed orders can be canceled even if they have not been shipped yet.

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