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Erica worked in the hospital all day witnessing one disappointed woman after another searching for the perfect donor. Erica had a special talent that she kept hidden for good reason, but she failed to realize others did too. High-flying Kate lives a neatly compartmentalised double life. But as Kate prepares to take up a new job on the other side of the world, her relationship with Karsten Talv becomes ever more complex, and boundaries begin to blur.By day, a successful advertising executive, her ambitions know no limit. Especially when he shows her his wonderful new toy, and demonstrates what it can do…Reality is dying.Indeed, the same is true of the genre as a whole, with Proseda’s ground-breaking new novel ‘Puppeteer’ setting off fireworks in literary circles.Her early diaries give an intriguing insight into the person behind the writer, not least her own formative romantic experiences at the hands of a powerful and enigmatic man...Once upon a time in a hail of bullets and blood she went rogue, her reasons unknown, leaving the Wolves broken and Cornelius seeking vengeance. But his vengeance is not complete and he however much she is in his control he still does not know why she turned on the Wolves to begin with.In an apocalypic future, Elizabeth lives in a sanctuary where all women are socialized as slaves to men’s will. So why is she getting flashbacks of being a rebellious outsider?Also coincidentally, he obtains a sample of a powerful mind-control drug.The Dominator faces the very peppy dynamic duo of Spirit Girl and The Firecracker.

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Or will they be the latest superheroines to end up wearing pasties, high heels and a smile?All over the world, an unfathomable phenomenon consumes entire cities, turning humans into insane supernatural creatures and the landscape into a waking dream.America is mostly spared for now, except for Los Angeles.He learns that she acts the way she does because she was cursed by a demon.He concocts a plan to strike a bargain with the demon in order to get some of the demon’s powers. Lace, a deadly assassin trained in ninjutsu, has been dispatched to the barony of Akehito Koyasu to investigate mysterious happenings centered around the arrival of his new wife, Lady Yoko.

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    Brooklyn Beckham is born in March 1999 and Victoria becomes Mrs David Beckham at Ireland’s Luttrellstown Castle in July the same year. In January 2000, police are seen guarding their home after a plot to kidnap Victoria and Brooklyn is exposed.