Access table updating time stamp questions about consolidating student loans

For you reports, you will have the date and time when the seveth hour was reached if you just used the function now() for the default value on your Task Date field.You can filter all the records which have the sevethhourreached as yes for your report query.

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I like to use 'created' for the creation timestamp and 'modified' for the last modified time.

(Views are sometimes called “virtual tables.”)Microsoft SQL Server: By default, DATETIME, DATETIME2, and SMALLDATETIME data from ODBC tables is imported as the timestamp field type.

You can change the field type of a timestamp shadow field to either date or time, but the data must be structured in a specific manner.

(Each record currently contains a single field with a running total of hours recorded) There are a number of ways that you can do this if you are using a Form to insert new records into your table.

It would also help if you have some knowledge of VBA If you are are using MS Access 2013, you could also use Data Macros (MS Access equivalence of SQL Server triggers).

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