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The work is tedious, the interactions frustrating, and draining. Let’s present a strictly hypothetical situation: You work 40 hours (Mon-Fri) at a cubicle-type job.A New World reality can only come about by learning how to reason with a Communication process that humankind is not used to accessing. This is the key that opens up the gate of Heaven, and that lets you enter in the peace of God and His eternity. The Sacred Self offers short stories, downloadable booklets, and other resources for anyone on a non dualistic path.This way of communicating brings into focus a new ability to Remembering I am as God created me. With a good working knowledge of ACIM, my writings offer clarity while entertaining.(We are very grateful to Stephen for recording the daily lessons and text from A Course In Miracles available through our Podcast.)Our function is to decode ACIM to make it readable & understandable to all.Our purpose is to give everyone the opportunity to integrate ACIM into their life. Bethie's Blog Our intention is to bring forth the highest expression of Love.I need to think about what’s holding me back and make those changes happen now. That may be fine for others, but I know it’s not for me, not anymore.

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The mission of the Catherine Blount Foundation is to facilitate the demonstration and teaching of the healing power of forgiveness so individuals, groups, and governments can attain the change of perception that will allow them to heal old hurts and injustices and find peace.

Here, through ACIM study, we recognize that salvation occurs when one person meets another, meaning if you can save another person by seeing his truth, and realizing you and he are one being, then both of you will be healed, saved.

Wir haben in dem un-irdischen Meisterwerk Ein Kurs in Wundern ein Geistestraining gefunden, das zu der ganz real krperlichen, geistigen und emotionalen Transformation unserer selbst fhrt und zur Erkenntnis, dass ein jeder von uns ein ganzer Teil der ewiglich schpferischen Quelle aller Wirklichkeit ist.

Bastiaan Berende has developed an effective program to study, practice, and teach A Course in Miracles.

The Time to Teach A Course in Miracles Class is a format to facilitate classes in your home, Course group, Church or Miracle Center.

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